CBSE Class 11

About CBSE Class 11

If you are a CBSE class 11 student and looking for the study materials, exam details, syllabus and other details then you can read this article fully and get all the information at one place.

CBSE Class 11

Class 11 is one of the most important levels in deciding a student’s future. There are scholastic and co-scholastic areas in the curriculum at the senior secondary level. The scholastic areas include the languages, academic electives, and skills subjects. The co-scholastic areas include health, physical education, and general studies. 

The scheme of studies in the 11th standard includes 7 subjects. 5 subjects are considered compulsory in the curriculum. Whereas one subject is considered additional, and the remaining one is considered for the internal assessment. 

Candidates can choose their stream according to their choice. The streams offered in the 11th standard are medical, non-medical, humanities, and commerce. The CBSE board also offers vocational subjects from which candidates can choose.

Follow the smart work scheme, choose subjects you like, and study hard if you want to be successful in life.

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